(Czech Republic) What is the community?

The community is you! We offer you the opportunity to become part of our international community during your time at THE FIZZ. Make friends with people from all over the world and expand your network for a successful and professional future.

Want to get a better insight into our community life? Just visit us on Instagram or our website.


What events are held? Do I have to participate? 

THE FIZZ regularly prepares exciting events for you: Welcome parties at the beginning of the semester, Christmas parties, BBQs, film nights, trips and excursions, football matches and much more.

Participation is of course not compulsory, but the more people who take part, the more fun it is!

The entrance to most of our events is free of charge, extra fee can be required for special events only.


Due to the pandemic, some of our current events take place online, or in real with regards to the essential pandemic regulations.

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