(Czech Republic) How do I pay my rent?

The first month's rent together with the deposit must be on our bank account no later than 30 days before your accommodation agreement starts.

From your second month onwards, your monthly rent will be regularly debited by direct debit if we received your inkaso from. The rent will always be debited on the first day of the month (unfortunately, it is not possible to debit the rent on your preferred date).

If you have any further questions, please contact our rental accounting team.

Please note: If a direct debit is not possible and/or the rent is paid too late, a reminder fee of 150 CZK will be charged. Constantly late rent payments can also lead to a warning + fees and ultimately to termination without notice.

If you cannot open a Czech bank account for a specific reason, you are entitled to make the monthly payment of the all-in-rent into the Lodging Provider Account by transfer. The monthly rent is always due to the first day of the month. If possible do not use Revolut to transfer the payment, as the company doesn’t provide us with all the information, so we cannot assign the payment.

However, if you use this platform, please send the payment confirmation to us.

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