(Czech Republic) What do I need to know about shared apartments?

Our shared apartments are for two lodgers, similar to our double studios. The main difference is that in the shared studio both of you have your own accommodation agreement and each of you are paying just for your bed, no matter if you have a roommate there or not. For double studios we are always issue just one accommodation agreement and instead of 2 separate beds you have one large bed.


Can I book a shared studio alone?

Yes, you can book a Shared Studio to use alone, we will simply charge you with the costs for the entire apartment. But due to capacity reasons we recommend booking a Double studio. The whole shared studio we rent to one person only in special cases.


Do I need to find a roommate by myself?

We are glad if you want to move in together with a friend, but if you don’t have any roommate yet, we are happy to assign you one.


On which criteria will roommates be assigned?

When we assign roommates in a Shared Studio, we will make sure that only two women or two men will live together. You may tell us your requests for choosing a roommate while making your booking and we will try to accommodate them, but we cannot guarantee to be able to fulfil them.


What happens if my roommate moves out?

We will assign you a new roommate. There will be no additional costs for you.


How do I find out who is my roommate?

Due to data protection reason, we are not allowed to give you any contact details before both of you are moving in.

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