What is a written warning? (Austria)

A written warning is a unilateral declaration of intent. Its purpose is to inform the tenant that a certain behaviour, e.g. noise at night or constantly late rent payments, is considered to be in breach of the tenancy agreement and is a disapproved behaviour. The written warning therefore has, as the word states itself, a warning function and is intended to create an opportunity to refrain from the disapproved behaviour.


We would like to expressly point out that after a written warning and repeated misconduct on part of the tenant, we can issue an extraordinary and termination without notice! Disregard can therefore have serious legal consequences for those who do not take the warning seriously.


The warning is not to be confused with the normal reminder for late payment. While a warning is a request to refrain from an action, a reminder is a request for an action (e.g. to pay the rent).

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