(Czech Republic) What is a liability insurance and what do I need it for?

Liability insurance pays for liability damages and thus protects the insured person from losing his or her own assets due to damage. For example, if your apartment gets flooded, this damage would cover by the liability insurance. The benefits included vary depending on the insurance company.

The liability insurance, together with your proof of enrolment or education, is one of the documents you need to be able to move into THE FIZZ. The mandatory liability insurance must be concluded at least in the value of 1mil CZK.

You can find more information about the required documents here.

You can find the insurance providers online, or for your own convenience, you can contact directly the below insurance brokers from Vienna Insurance Group who are ready to assist you!


Kooperativa pojistovna, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group

Ms. Marie Süssová – tel.: 731013438, email.: msussova@koop.cz

Mr. Ota Voska – tel.: 739224242, email.: ovoska@koop.cz

(Please note that a health insurance is not a liability insurance.)

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