(Netherlands) How and when can I terminate my rental contract?

If you want to terminate your contract during your first 6 month, you can terminate your contract with four weeks' notice to the end of the month if you have found a suitable new tenant.

If you have found a suitable new tenant, simply send the completed new tenant form with the required documents of the new tenant (ID card, proof of enrolment, possibly VISA) by e-mail to our service team.

After six month of your contract, you can terminate your rental contract with a notice period of four weeks to the end of a month.

(e.g.: your rental contract started on 01.10. of a year. If you send us the termination until 28.02. the next year, your contract will end on 31.03. )

Simply send us an original signed letter of termination to the following address:

International Campus GmbH

Blumenstraße 28

80331 München

You can find a template for your termination here.

Terminations by e-mail or telephone are not legally valid.



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