(Netherlands) How do I book an apartment?

You can select and book your apartment directly on our website using our booking tool.

Once you have chosen a apartment, click on 'book now'.

  1. register and fill in your details
  2. a new contract is then generated
  3. Sign the contract and fill in the SEPA form.  
  4. The flat is now reserved for you for five days. Pay the deposit during this period to complete the booking. Otherwise, the booking will be cancelled after five days.
  5. When we have received the payment, the contract will be countersigned and you will receive a confirmation email with the countersigned contract.

What do I have to do after I receive my rental contract?

The first month's rent must be transferred to the account stated in the tenancy agreement at least 14 days before moving in.

We also ask you to arrange a move-in date in advance or to book via our calendar. You can find more information here.

Which documents must I show?

For your booking, please send us the proof of student enrolment.

At your move in you need to show your ID card.

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