Internet provider switch to ASK4 (Austria)

We are currently switching to the Internet provider ASK4 in our houses.

In the following article you will find all the relevant questions on the subject.

Your question is not yet included? Maybe the FAQs from ASK4 will help you here.


Why is it possible that I don't have a WLAN router in my room?

There are several routers distributed throughout the building (in the common areas and in every 2nd room). This ensures that you have available wifi throughout the building. This works similar to cell phone reception. If you have a router in your room, it is a white box on the wall with a gray cable into the wall. This cable must not be pulled under any circumstances! Otherwise the reception will be worse for you and your neighbors!

Can I still connect to the Internet with a cable?

If you have a router (white box) in your room, you can connect a network cable directly to "LAN". Without a router you simply connect the cable to the left socket in the wall.

How do I get a connection?

You register with an account at ASK4 and can connect up to 10 devices (cell phone, PC, etc.) under your account. If you want to use more than 10 devices, you have the option to buy an additional package for an unlimited number of devices. During registration you will be asked for a device name. There you enter a device name of your choice, e.g. "Mobile 1", "Tablet", "iPhone" or whatever you like.

Is the connection secure if I can't use my own router?

Yes, because you register your devices under your password-protected account, your devices are not visible as in an open WLAN.

You don't get a connection or have problems with the internet?

Here the support of Ask4 will help you:  Your house management has no possibility to fix connection errors.

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