How to terminate the contract with a new tenant (Germany Student)

Every tenant in THE FIZZ has the possibility to terminate his apartment with a notice period of four weeks to the end of the month by naming a suitable new tenant. The new tenant must also meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum rental period >6 months as of 30.09. of one year
  • Enrolled student; trainee; intern (depending on the location, young professionals are also accepted. In this case please contact our service team)

Once you have found a suitable new tenant, simply send the completed new tenant form with the required documents (ID, training certificate, VISA) by e-mail to our service team.

At the same time you should send your signed termination by mail to the following address:

International Campus GmbH
Blumenstrasse 28
80331 München


you can find a template for your termination.

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