(Czech Republic) How can I book a viewing and what can I view?

We will give you a tour of the community areas, as well as the outside areas of the house. You will also be shown one of our show rooms, if one is available at the time.

You can book your desired viewing appointment via our online calendar .

Please note that we can only offer viewing appointments from Monday to Friday at certain times.


Unfortunately, we are not always able to show you different apartments types and sizes, as we are completely booked most of the time.


What do I have to do after receiving my accommodation agreement?

1.       Sign the accommodation agreement electronically or by hand and send it back to us.

2.       Pay the amount stated in your email (service fee). The accommodation agreement will be confirmed by us only after receipt of the whole amount.

3.       The rest of the upfront payment (deposit and the first all-in rent) must be on our bank account no later than 30 days before your accommodation agreement starts.

You need a proof of accommodation for your visa?

Please contact our sales team and send your passport number to them. We issue this document for extra charge of 200 CZK. If you need the document to be delivered abroad, you need to organize it by yourself and cover the costs.  


How can I get accommodation agreement in original?

If you need your accommodation agreement in original, please contact our sales team by email. Please be aware that it can take up to 4 weeks until the original accommodation agreement is delivered to THE FIZZ Prague as it isn’t issued there. If you need to have the accommodation agreement to be sent abroad, you need to organize the delivery by yourself and cover the charges. For your visa application we recommend using the Proof of accommodation document which is issued in Prague and therefore it can be prepared faster.

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