What services does THE FIZZ offer and what is the service fee for? (Austria)

The service fee is due upon concluding the tenancy agreement (new tenancy agreement, extension, room swap) and, in addition to the costs for issuing the tenancy agreement, also includes the following service offers:


  • Admission to the international THE FIZZ community
  • House Manager/ Reception-Service
  • Free rental items at the reception, such as vacuum cleaner, iron/board, tools, etc.
  • parcel counter
  • Use of the community areas as well as all facilities in the house and the complex
  • Participation in community events
  • THE FIZZ Security concept


The amount of the service fee depends on the rental period.


For Short-Term (6-9 month) the service fee is:

Wien Brigittenau            200 €

Wien Main Station         200 €


For Long-Term (10 – 12 month) the service fee is:

Wien Brigittenau            150 €

Wien Main Station         150 €

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