(Netherlands) Service Costs

What are service costs?

The total monthly costs is the base rent, internet service, furniture and service costs combined.  Service costs for utilities and general costs are paid as advances against the actual costs incurred.   The base rent is the rent price for the accommodation itself, and the service costs are the additional expenses such as, but not limited to:



Heating, Electricity, Water Utilities to your apartment are individually metered.  Utilities for the common areas are spread equally across all residents.


Other Costs:  

Cleaning Common Areas, Pest Control, Garden/Landscape/Plant Maintenance, Common area light bulb replacement, Insurance (Glass), Window Washing, Fire Extinguisher Maintenance, Winter Service (Ice/Snow Removal), Elevator Emergency Telephone Line, Security


How are Service Costs Calculated?

The service costs stated in your Tenancy Agreement are an estimation as you can only know actual usage/costs after they have been used or incurred.   Utilities are calculated based upon individual usage, as well as a proportionate share of common area utilities. Other costs are based upon actual costs, and are divided across the number of residents.


When are Service Costs Reconciled?

An accounting of the actual costs against the advances paid will be completed no later than 1 July of the following year.  Should you move out mid-year, the actual costs will be reconciled upon the termination of your tenancy agreement, and any overpayment added to the security deposit refund.  Conversely, should the costs be higher than the advances paid, you will receive an invoice.  Again, if you move out mid-year, this will be invoice will be charged against your security deposit.


What if I have questions regarding my service cost reconciliation?

We have a special customer service enlisted to assist you with such questions.  They can be contacted via phone at +31 3 060 961 05, or email at zerofriction@the-fizz.com.  


When do I get a settlement of my service costs?

Within 6 months after the end of the calendar year, you will receive a statement of your service costs of the previous year.

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