(Czech Republic) What is proof of accommodation and how can I get it?

You are entitled to apply for a residence permit if you are a citizen of the Czech Republic, you are staying in the Czech Republic on a visa for more than 90 days or you intend to stay in the territory temporarily for more than 1 year.

In order to be able to issue the document, we need your passport number, which you need to send to our sales team. We issue this document for an extra charge of 200 CZK. You can pick it up in person at the reception or we can send it electronically directly to your office in the Czech Republic, where you are applying for your visa. If it has to be sent somewhere, because you are applying for visa abroad you need to organize the delivery by yourself (DHL/GO!) and also cover the charges.

For the delivery of the Proof of Accommodation, you can contact your school as your representative in the Czech Republic or you can organize the whole delivery process on your own.

To make sure you have your Proof of Accommodation for your visa appointment ready, we recommend ordering a courier collection as soon as possible as a delivery takes some time.

We have a good experience with GO! and DHL services but you are welcome to choose any delivery provider you wish!

Your original documents are prepared in the Czech Republic, so it needs to be collected from there. Please give us a date when you want these documents to be collected and we will provide you with a correct address to use.

o   GO! you need to create the order on the CZ website, pay up front and order the collection from the address that we gave you.

o   DLH! – you can go in person to DHL office in your country and order the collection in CZ, or you can go online to the CZ website and order a collection directly online  , you pay up front and order a collection from the address we gave you.


The address for an international collection must be always confirmed by THE FIZZ team before the real order of a delivery. After order delivery, all details related to a collection must be sent to our email, otherwise THE FIZZ cannot guarantee the smooth process.

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